The Rt. Hon Basil Bumm-Sniffington joined our family in 2013. He came to us from a rescue centre, with a big itchy and inflamed bald patch on his back, a gammy eye, and teeth covered in tartar from being fed a biscuit based diet.

Homeopathy, herbs and a biologically appropriate raw food diet restored him to health.

We consulted a holistic vet in East Hoathley, and here are some of the remedies used:



I gave the homeopathic remedy Thuja (conjunctivitis after vaccination), and bathed Basil’s eyes twice daily with diluted Euphrasia herbal tincture, (red, swollen eyes with discharge). It took a few weeks but gradually his eye cleared up.



Basil was put on a raw meat, raw bones, and raw vegetable diet and a couple of times a week I gave him raw chicken wings, not a strangely named homeopathic remedy, actual raw chicken wings! Dogs love gnawing on raw bones and it keeps their teeth and gums healthy. The gnawing action exercises the jaw, and the challenge of getting at the meat and marrow provides mental stimulation.

NB – You should never feed your dog cooked bones which may splinter and cause internal injury.



Basil’s itchy skin was making him so miserable, and he just couldn’t leave the bald patch on his back alone. I was advised to add a supplement to his diet called ‘The Missing Link’ which contains a blend of vitamins and minerals and includes Omega 3 and 6. A homeopathic remedy called Fagopyrum Esculentum was prescribed to treat Basil’s itchy skin, and I also bathed the bald patch daily with diluted Calendula tincture to soothe and promote healing. It didn’t take long for the bald patch to disappear.

Here are some photos of Basil with clear eyes, a healthy coat, and he’s definitely enjoying that raw bone!

Basil and his bone
Homeopathy for dogs
Basil and letter

Please note: in the UK only a vet or its owner may legally treat an animal with homeopathy. To find a homeopathic vet in your area, search for the ‘British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons (BAHVS).

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